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Strikeforce: Morituri (OC)

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Name:Victoria "Tori" Lynn
Birthdate:Jun 8
Location:United States of America
The world they live in.

Her life was like a soap opera even before she was on a reality show. Thanks to her mom's terrible taste in men, Tori spent most of her life in witness protection running from her mother's psychotic first husband who was not Tori or her brother Tommy's biological father. No, that honor goes to the creep her mother had an affair with, who took off at the first sign of complications. IE babies.

If that wasn't bad enough, when Tori was 4 year-old, she was kidnapped by an obsessive asshole with a fondness for little girls. She made it home but between the kidnapping, rape kit, and trial Tori was never the same again.

The Horde, a brutally savage group of parasitic aliens, made their presence known when she was just 15 years old. By the time she was 18, a new team called the Morituri had been created to fight the Horde and they needed volunteers. Only a small percentage of the population had the right genetic code for the process and even less were the right age range but Tori and her brother passed every single necessary requirement. In exchange for having a shelf life of about a year, they were genetically altered to have super powers and starred in a reality show that chronicled their battles called Strikeforce: Morituri which bank rolled the project. What they didn't know was that the producers responsible for the reality show were mages who called themselves Virtual Adepts and they had absolutely no problem sacrificing the team in the name of ratings. After all, they could just make more.

Thanks to the help of her friends, Tori was able to escape her fate but her brother wasn't so lucky. They'd managed to save her life but how was she supposed to live with that?

POWERS: Illusion - User can trick people into perceiving unreal things, illusions are not tangible and therefore can't be caught on film, but to the person on the receiving end they can see, smell, hear, taste and touch it depending on how much energy Tori is willing to put into it.

Dream Manipulation - She can enter a person's dreams and even force a waking person into a dream from which they can't escape.

(Results vary depending on the person that she's using her powers on. Obviously those with resistance or immunity to mental persuasion would be less effected if at all.)

((Strikeforce: Morituri belongs to Marvel. As does images of Caitlin Fairchild. Jane Levy belongs to herself. Both character and player are 18 and over.))

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